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Mini HIFU Machine Portable Heat Up

Melan8'D Jewel

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Brand Name: Konmison
Material: Plastic
Power Source: electric
Size: Regular
Model Number: 104340
Type: Bipolar Hifu Machine
Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
Function: Facial Clean
Function: Skin Moisture
Function: EMS
Function: Dead Skin Removal
Function: Skin Tightening
Function: Skin Rejuvenation
Standard Voltage: 220V
Item Name: Bipolar Hifu Machine
Voltage: 90-240V
Technology: HIFU , RF, LED
HIFU Power: 5J/CM2
Working Area: 4CM2
HIFU Frequency: 3MHZ
HIFU Working Depth: 4.5mm
RF Power: 4J/CM2
RF Frequency: 2MHZ
RF Working Depth: 3mm
Function 1: Automatic scanning and permeating skin deeply
Function 2: Active and firming skin, solve flabby skin problems
Function 3: Tighten muscle and recover the elasticity of skin
Function 4: Improve skin complexion and accelerate circulation, remove wrinkles
Advantage 1: Safe non-invasive stimulation of collagen and elastic fibers
Advantage 2: Deep deep fascia SMAS layer
Advantage 3: An operation without repeated operation, can achieve good effect
Advantage 4: the process of comfort energy to the dermis, avoid the knife, no wound